Hiperlugares | Feiras Livres

Coordenação Prof. Dr. Valter Caldana

Elaborada em parceria com o Instituto Cidade em Movimento, nossa participação se dá através da realização desta pesquisa sobre as transformações por que passam as feiras-livres da cidade de São Paulo que, aos poucos, vêm se tornando lugares que vão muito além da sua tradicional função de entreposto comercial transitório para se transformar em centros prestadores de serviços e estares urbanos plenos de significados.


This research is a contribution to the international action-research program “Mobile hyperspaces: devising apps for the autonomous connected vehicle, beyond transportation”, developed by City on the Move/VEDECOM in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

This programme is based on multidisciplinary research, observation and cultural exchanges developed by an international research hub, coordinated by City on the Move, which proposes a general method shared by all partners.

The whole programme seeks to identify and study the different emerging and ongoing practices in on-the-move activities, beyond the simple transportation of people or goods, in order to:

  • better understand the radical changes taking place in on-the-move activities,
  • define the characteristics of the new spaces generated by the arrival of these hybrid and multifunctional vehicles: spaces in motion or physical spaces remodeled and augmented by the variety of potential uses – business, leisure, education, work, health, habitat… Spaces that we describe as “mobile hyperspaces”.
  • propose prototypes or demonstrators of services or “mobile urban micro-spaces”, based on different examples of use (in terms of the nature of the activities and the diversity of national and international urban conditions).

This project will focus on mobile commercial activities on traditional street markets in São Paulo who are experiencing a significant change in its historical spacial structure and organization and in its relation with customers and the neighborhood.