Workshop Paris Val de Seine

  Open and Closed Public Spaces | Square du Vert-Galant – Paris
  Prof. Marco A. Tabet e Prof. Valter Caldana

The aim of the International Workshop is to allow students to exchange opinions and compare their cultural perceptions of public spaces while working together on an architectural project. Through visits of the banks of the Seine , the “Square du Vert-Galant” and the “Ile de la Cité”, students should  produce an analysis of the context to propose an architectural project capable to give a relevant vision of the “Vert-Galant square” that would project it into the future, without hindering its current t qualities.

For this project, student groups should bring answers to questions such as:
-What is a public space?
-Why are these spaces so important?
-Which concepts would better respond to it?
-What kind of social interactions should occur?
The program will be proposed as a result of the analysis and intentions of each group.

Considering the uniqueness of its situation in Paris, it’s historical as well as geographical context, an artistic and creative approach is required. For final presentation the students will produce several panels A1, vertical disposition, contain Analysis, concepts, schematics, open space and closed space and transversal section to the site.

Prof. Marco A. Tabet e Prof. Valter Caldana
École Nationale Supérieur d´Architecture Paris Val de Seine
Paris – França de 10 a 14 de junho de 2019
Língua: Inglês, Francês e Português (emergencial)
Inscrições: 300 euros – haverá 5 bolsas para estudantes do Mackenzie