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The Laboratory of Projects and Public Policies | LPP is an applied research group and, simultaneously, an action instrument that acts in the areas inherent to urban development at all scales, from the building to the regional planning, from housing to service design, sanitation and mobility.

Based at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brazil, its work is based on the transdisciplinarity that the theme requires, on the professional and academic experience of its components and on the creation of specific methodologies for the development of each new project in that gets involved.

The association between scientific research and extension activities and the provision of services is, therefore, a fundamental element for understanding their performance. Each project becomes a specific study object that will be treated according to strict scientific criteria, with the aim of serving as knowledge-producing elements, as well as receiving technical treatment that responds, with agility and depth, to the demands that generated them .

In other words, it is from the design practice as a response to real cases that the laboratory bases its performance as a producer of knowledge, eliminating boundaries and overcoming pre-conceptions that are inadequate to today’s complexity.


The laboratory was created in 2012 with the aim of bringing scientific practices closer to professional practices in the field of Architecture and Urbanism.

Considering the tripod that defines the social function of the University in Brazil – Teaching, Research and Extension – the primary objective of the LPP is to be a space for interaction between these three actions inherent to the academic world, making them, as they are, inseparable and, above all, complementary.

Therefore, it has as its constant work object the q1uestions of project methodology and develops its studies in the field of urban development, proposing to its members exercises and practical works from which knowledge is produced in a collaborative and participatory way.

Led by Brazilian and foreign researchers, it is organized by work groups and projects, where they work from undergraduate students to post doctoral students.

As an academic laboratory, it has the possibility to quickly assemble multidisciplinary teams specific to each project, where each field of knowledge adds value to the work developed from its specialties.

Since its creation, it developed, through its researchers, national and international studies and projects in the areas of housing, mobility, sustainability, landscape, service design and urban planning, among others.